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All The Beautiful Moments Shan't Be Forgotten

She doesn’t know how I felt yesterday, I wanted to push everyone away and keep her but I couldn’t, I sink in my thoughts and the smoke but I wouldn’t stop thinking of her. I wrote so many words on 3 blank pages and I tore them after I felt it’s enough. I am good at concealing what I have in my heart -it’s simple- I stop talking about my feelings and stay quiet about the things that make me crazy, angry, and sad inside, it’s okay! My night-shift was too long and my thoughts were all about her, but she doesn’t know how strong are those feelings. I keep telling myself that I have to deal with this, to not have anything in return, I will eventually get over it. Nights are longer and days are shorter, and my feelings are like tides, constellations moving in a vast universe. I guess, it’s time to move on and organize my thoughts, feelings, and storage, as I have nothing to give that she wants. 

Are you in peace with yourself?

Isn’t there taking decisions for dummies?

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